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Build EVA Unit-01, Unit-02, and Unit-00 from the inside out with this exclusive EVA-Frame set! This box features 8 different parts—internal frames, external armor, and 2 transport stands—to fully create each Unit and display 2 of them.

  • 5.12 x 1.6 inches (13cm x 4cm)
  • Made of ABS
  • Part of the EVA-Frame line
  • Based on the Rebuild of Evangelion films
  • Includes EVA Unit frame parts and armor sets
  • Some assembly required
  • One box of this item contains a complete set
  • Instructions may or may not include English translation
  • EVA Unit-01 armor set
  • EVA Unit-01 frame set
  • EVA Unit-02 armor set
  • EVA Unit-02 frame set
  • EVA Unit-00 armor set
  • EVA Unit-00 frame set
  • Option set A (green)
    • Weapons set 1
    • Transport stand
  • Option set B (gray)
    • Weapons set 2
    • Transport stand
  • 4 Types of stickers
  • Instructions
  • ETA: Aug-21